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Since 1995


Since 1995, we are doing beekeeping,We are a group of 100 beekeepers, doing beekeeping with Apis Mellifera, the Italian Honeybee, in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand , U.P. Jharkhand and Jammu.

We are registered as suppliers to Markfed Sohna an organisation of the Punjab government and supply them honey.

"Bright as a sunflower."
"Garden sweet garden."

We also supply our surplus bulk honey to packers and exporters.

Our bees are moved during the year to different flowering crops all over.

We collect different honeys from the flowers of mustard, eucalyptus, multiflora from the foothills of the himalyas etc.


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Meet our passionate team of honey production professionals

When the honey is mature in the hive, the honey frames are taken out by us from the bee colony and then extracted by centrifuge and only filtered through fine cotton filter.

Our honey is natural pure honey which is not processed and not heated so this preserves all the natural food value and enzymes present in honey.

Now we are starting bulk honey sales directly to consumers from our group of beekeepers.

We provide pure honey packed in food grade bulk packs.